DIY T-Shirts

Happy Fall Ya’ll! Yess, it’s officially fall today and I’m so happy about it. I have to say that I’ve been a little out of sorts with all this post Hurricane Irma drama. It’s been somewhat crazy here still dealing with debris everywhere and power outages, but we are trying hard to work through it. We finally got back to work this week and I’m drained. I did manage to make some really cute DIY t-shirts with my nifty Cricut machine.  You all know how crazy I am about my Cricut machine.  As you know, I got my Cricut machine almost a year ago [here] and I truly LOVE it!! This machine is absolutely amazing, I can make so much stuff with it. Believe me (I kid you not) the crafting possibilities are endless.  I think every crafter should own one. 

This past week I made some T-shirts that came out super cute, if I don’t say so myself. Here are the shirts I made.

You all know that I love going Junkin’, and I also love visiting Flea Markets on the hunt looking for vintage finds. What better t-shirt to have and wear than a “Love of Junkin'” shirt.

I also love anything that speaks farmhouse to me. What could possibly be more #farmhouse than a “Subway Tile, Chippy Paint, Shiplap Walls, and Barn Doors” t-shirt?

Who doesn’t love anything with Rae Dunn?  Am I right?! Well what better way to go Dunn hunting than with a Dunn shirt.

All these DIY t-shirts were made possible with my amazing Cricut machine and t-shirts I bought online. (I will add the affiliate links below). Well friends thanks for stopping by this little blog of mine. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me on this blogging journey. Have a great weekend!  See ya again next week:)



P.S. We are having a Home Sweet Florida Auction to help those effected by the devastating storm Hurricane Irma. Please go to Instagram and search @HomeSweetFloridaAuction  to read all about this amazing cause and please help if you can. The auction begins September 26, 2017



Friends I have been MIA, but it was for good reason. If you didn’t know I live in Miami and last week Hurricane Irma had her eye set on a direct hit for Florida and she was a very powerful storm.  As I evacuated my home last Thursday all I could think about was how it would be when I came back. Would I have a home? What about my family and friends that did not evacuate?


By Saturday the storm had turned a bit west, which meant it wouldn’t be a direct hit.  However, it was still a very strong storm (winds over 100 mph) and lots of rain. As we returned back home Monday afternoon; there was no power, internet, or cell phone service. I am Thankful everything was still standing our home had been spared. Well with the exception of the trees and the wooden fence, but trees will regrow and the fence will get repaired or replaced. What counts most was our safety and thank God everyone is doing well.

As you can see, there were barely any trees that did not fall over from the strong wind gusts. Thankfully, there was no damage to any home in the neighborhood and no one was hurt.

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma was that she left over three quarters of the population without power and still today there are many without any electricity or cell service. Gas stations without gasoline, grocery stores without food, restaurants and stores are still closed. Traffic lights not operating, roads blocked from fallen trees or debris. Yes it’s a mess, but nothing compared to the Florida Keys that got a direct hit from this category 4 hurricane.  The devastation there is unbelievable, sad and heartbreaking. The cleanup has begun and it will take time to rebuild, but Florida is strong.  All the prayers and good thoughts helped us through this hurricane and again I am Thankful. Thankful for the family, friends and everyone that expressed concern for us and everyone in Florida affected by this devastating storm. God Bless everyone!!  It could have been a much worse scenario had the storm stayed on its originally anticipated track.  My heart and prayers go out to those in Texas who are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and those people who lost their homes in the Florida Keys from Irma.




Pumpkin Fall Decor

Hi Ya’ll.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Can you believe that we are in September?  The months are just flying by!  I have been out gathering up fall decor, mostly pumpkins, and I wanted to share with you some pumpkin fall decor. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my recent pumpkin finds. Here is my latest pumpkin haul:

My first stop was JoAnn Fabrics where I got these cute little fabric pumpkins (below) for 40% off.

My next stop was Hobby Lobby, they had 40% off all there fall decor as well. I purchased one big fabric pumpkin, a smaller white ceramic one, and some floral foliage to make a fall bouquet.

Another stop was the Dollar Tree where I bought all these little plastic pumpkins for of course a dollar, along with some maple leaves and a corn stalk.

I couldn’t pass up going to one of my favorite stores, Marshalls, to check out their fall decor and fell in love with this sage green wooden pumpkin for only $4.99. It’s a perfect medium size as well.

Went to Walmart for back to school supplies for my daughter and ended up in the fall section and picked up these cute pumpkins for 98 cents. I liked the glitter that these pumpkins have…it adds a little pizzazz.

I had posted on Instagram how I went to Target looking for these velvety fabric pumpkins and the minis. I went to 3 different Targets in one afternoon and all I found was these 4 pumpkins and no minis. I love the colors of these pumpkins, but friends I was on the hunt for those minis and I was determined to find them. Some way, some how I was going to get me some mini pumpkins.

Of course I  hit up another Target Friday afternoon and finally found some of those elusive pumpkin minis. Those babies are so stinkin’ cute, but almost impossible to find. They were mostly orange ones and one green one, but that’s OK because I like the classic colors of fall. And I was so happy to have found them I don’t think the color really mattered. I also scored a “Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice” tea towel that I wanted as well.

Lastly I went to another of my favorite stores, Kirklands. I went there today because they had a 20% off your total purchase coupon and also my birthday reward and bought these lovely fall decor items.

Friends I love vintage trucks.  Just wait until Christmas.  I decorate my house with all these lovely little vintage trucks. So of course when I saw this wooden hello fall truck I just had to have it. What about that cute welcome fall wooden pumpkin?  So adorable!  Well this is my pumpkin fall decor haul, I hope it helps you find any pumpkins you might be on the hunt for your fall decor. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and following me on my crazy pumpkin hunt.



Favorite Amazon (Finds) Things

Here I am today with another post of my Favorite Things. This time I’m going to talk about some favorite skincare finds on Amazon. I have stated here on the blog before that I will only share things that I have personally tried and deem worthy of sharing with my peeps.  I will first begin with some of my favorite Amazon finds:

I have been looking for an organic natural deodorant for a long time.  Regular deodorant/antiperspirants don’t work for me, because honestly, I sweat a lot. I needed a deodorant that was going to last all day and prevent bad odors (I won’t lie, I get stinky!) and this one was heaven sent. This deodorant is all natural and best of all it works. Really works!! It is free of all the chemicals you find in regular deodorant/antiperspirants, it’s not harsh on your skin (and I have sensitive skin) and it smells nice. They have it in green tea scent (seen here) and lavender scents.

Next, is this charcoal soap. This soap is great for bathing because you can actually feel that your skin is clean. I mean your skin actually feels different after you use it (I know it’s hard to explain).  Warning it is black soap (after all it is made of charcoal) and will create a film on your shower door, but it’s nothing you can’t remove with the Mr. Clean Bathroom Eraser cleaning sponge. I posted about that [here] just in case you missed it.  Just like the deodorant above, charcoal is a key ingredient in both these products and is great for removing dirt and toxins (so they claim) from your skin. As for now, I can tell you they have worked for me.

I am not a big make-up wearer, but I do use powder foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss on the daily. I’ve had a hard time finding a good make-up remover especially one that removes all your mascara without leaving you with “raccoon eyes”.  The Miracle Face Eraser is just amazing, it removes all your make-up, even that pesky mascara, with just a little bit of water. Yes you read right, just water!  You don’t need any soap or any other cleanser.  All you need to do is to wet the cloth with warm water and wipe the make-up off your face.

It’s so soft, and you don’t have to scrub to take off the make-up. Seriously it’s that easy and it’s fairly large, look at this pic of me holding it in my hand. Your not going to believe how soft it is and how well it works. It is machine washable and a really great buy.

Then there is this charcoal face cleanser from Bioré. It has a nice scent and leaves your face tingling fresh after you wash your face with it. My daughter and I have very sensitive skin and I break out very easily and this face cleanser cleans without irritating or causing a break out. Staying with the the charcoal theme; I also got these charcoal face masks at Marshalls, A mini facial in your own home.


Last, but not least, is the Olay Regenerist facial moisturizer.  As I mentioned before, I have super sensitive skin that gets irritated by almost anything I put on. I have tried many (and I mean many!) facial creams from expensive brands to more moderate priced ones, and this is the only one that I will use. This Oil of Olay moisturizer works better than any expensive brand I have ever tried. It doesn’t irritate and break out my skin,  it’s not pricey, and most importantly it works on fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are the links for the products I posted here that you can purchase from Amazon for a lower price than in stores.

Well friends I hope these Favorite (finds) Things of mine are helpful to someone reading this post today. Remember These are my opinions but I stand by my recommendations of these products because they work for me. Thanks for stopping by today and have yourself a great Labor Day weekend.




Master Bedroom Reveal

Hi friends, sorry I’ve been MIA but last week was a little hectic. As you know, it was back to school for the kiddos and work for myself (I’ m a teacher for those who are new). There was a lot of chaos, schedule changes, crankiness, anxiety, and even some tears (all this was mostly from me!). With that said, lets get to the real reason you are here. Yes! The master bedroom reveal is finally here.  Can I get a “woo-hoo!”. If you are new to my blog, I have been working on my master bedroom transformation [here] by giving it, lets call it a “refresh.”  Well it’s finally done and ready for its reveal.



Friends it took some work (months) finding the right lamps, curtains, and bedding, but I did finally find all of them. I was looking for glass lamps that were not too big or expensive. One day I walked into Ross and low and behold I found these lovely lamps for the amazing price of $19.99 each and they only had 2.  I ran like a mad woman and put those babies in my cart pronto before anyone else snatched them up.

This lovely white bedding is from TJ Maxx, which includes a king comforter set with 2 pillow shams and a decorative pillow for $49.99 (“steal” of the day).  It is so soft and comfy, it’s like a fluffy cloud on your bed. The comfy soft throw is from Homegoods, it was $14.99 and the accent (“This is our Happy Place”) pillow is from Kohl’s.

The curtains I found were from Marshalls, they included two panels for $24.99. I already owned the sheer curtains and curtain rods from my dining-room makeover, so I didn’t spend any money on them. I love to reuse and restyle decor I already have in my home to save as much money as possible. Also it makes the hubs happy when I save money on these projects of mine.  Oh, and that wood and metal chair you see there (above), was a little treasure that I had been eyeing in Marshalls for a couple of weeks and patiently waiting for it to go down in price.  One day I went in to browse and I couldn’t believe it was one clearance! Yup that baby was coming home with me for $45 bucks (regular price was $79.99).

Of course I have my Rae Dunn mugs on a tray I made out of pallet wood and added some vintage handles that were a flea market find.


So what do you think? Those before and afters are a real difference, just look how much lighter and brighter the bedroom is. Wow! It truly is amazing how just simple changes can transform a bedroom or any room for that matter. I love how my bedroom looks now, it really is our happy place.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today. It really is a joy having you follow us on this journey as I transition my city home to farmhouse style. I hope you enjoyed this master bedroom reveal it was a process that was accomplished and completed with lots of love.




Back to School Means Back to Work

Monday a new school year starts in Miami and back to school means back to work for me. I can’t believe that summer vacation is over, and I’m sad because I really do love my summer breaks. Many people think that summer break is a waste, but believe me your kids and their teachers need that time off to recuperate from the stress (homework, test, extracurricular activities, and those state exams) of the school year. I can say that I enjoyed my summer as much as possible.  I went on vacation, I went places with the family; and most importantly, I found time to relax at the beach.

Sunsets on the beach are absolutely beautiful!! I can never get enough of those colors as the sun sets on the horizon.

The truth is that teachers, just as kids (and some parents), suffer from anxiety when beginning a new school year. This gets progressively worse as we get to the end of summer vacation.  In fact, many start having sleepless nights in anticipation of starting work.  It’s not easy being a teacher now a days, there are a lot demands on teachers and students alike.  Did you know that the burn out rate for new teachers is less than 3 years.  Teachers are not only educators, but they wear so many other hats at the same time. We care for children that come to school sick, hungry, tired, and not to mention dealing with kids that have suffered tragedies (loss of parent or loved one) and abuse. We teach children with all kinds of learning challenges and disabilities. We also have to look out for allergies that can seriously effect  a child. No friends, being a teacher is not an easy profession (as many would say).  It is a career that is underestimated, underappreciated, and underpaid.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to complain or to ask for pity. No, I am here to let everyone know that most teachers do not go into this profession for the money or for accolades.  Many become teachers because they love children and want to help them develop into the most successful beings possible. Believe me there’s no prouder moment for me (or any teacher) than when a former student comes back to visit you and tells you how great they are doing, whether it’s in high school, college, or their career. Because (you) their teacher made a difference in their lives.

If your a parent or teacher and your kids are heading off to school or they have already began this new school year… “Cheers!”.  Here’s to a great school year with many exciting, memorable, fun, and rewarding moments. A year of new beginnings and great times for all us parents, teachers, and students.



DIY Lamp Project

Do you all remember this lamp? I have posted it before and there is a story to this lovely lamp.  I had been searching a while for a lamp for this side table. This lamp had the glass and wood combination that I was looking for and I fell in love with it, but I didn’t buy it at first. Everytime I went to the store, I would said to myself “I’ll wait for it to go on clearance”. A month later it went on sale and I snatched it up. Here is the picture of the lamp on the side table:

And then this happened!!!

OH NO!! Yep, “oh no” alright, so let me tell you what happened. We were cleaning the house and I heard a loud “crash” and cursing.  Then I asked, “what happened?” I hear my daughter say “mom is going to kill you, she waited a long time for that lamp to go on sale” no joke her exact words. So after the lamp catastrophe  my hubs in a quick attempt to save his life said “you can make it into a blog post.” I was stunned by his words because 1. you just broke my lovely lamp 2. how am i going to turn this into a blog post  3. that’s a great idea.. And here is were the DIY Lamp Project is born. I love mason jars, and my sister had given me a huge one as a gift a few months before. Here’s a pic:

I always loved this huge mason jar, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and so I thought I can make it into a lamp. Here is how we made a DIY Ball Mason Jar Lamp. As you can see we took all the hardware from the broken lamp. First, my husband drilled a hole (I put tape on the jar where he would drill to make sure the glass wouldn’t crack) in the jar by using a glass drill bit .

He also drilled another hole on the lid of the jar to attach the top of the lamp. Next, he strung the electrical wire thru the hole and attached the hardware to the lid of the mason jar. Add a light bulb and we have light.

Now I have a lovely lamp again and it has all he features I love: a mason jar, glass, and wood. Here is how it looks on the side table.

I have to say I’m really loving my new mason jar DIY Lamp Project it looks pretty and it saved the hubby’s life. I also like that the lid is removable and I can always fill the jar with seasonal decorations. Maybe throw in some pumpkins for fall, lights, balls, or any seasonal type decor item. My head is already filled with ideas…..

So what do you think do you like the lamp? Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Well friends I hope you enjoyed today’s little DIY project and remember that not everything that breaks needs to be thrown away. Give it new life, re-purpose it and you may love it even more. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.








A Vintage Stained Glass Window and some Hacks

I can’t believe it’s Friday (this week just flew by) I feel like it was just Wednesday. Today I am sharing a vintage stained glass window and some hacks. Back in February when I went to The Fancy Flea [here] I picked up a vintage stained glass window pane.  (which by the way the Fancy Flea is coming back in November so I’m super excited about that). If you are a loyal reader to my blog (if not please subscribe) you know my love for stained glass windows. This window has been bouncing around my house (you might have seen it in pictures here on the blog or on Instagram) because it hadn’t found its permanent home. Isn’t it a beauty!!

Well I finally decided to hang it up in my front guest bedroom/office. Here is the window (below) before we hung up this beautiful vintage stained glass window.

Yes, I know it’s a boring view of the tree in front of our home. That is why I decided to add the stained glass window there to give it a prettier more appealing view.  

This is how it looks now. What do you think? Doesn’t it make a big difference, I just love how the brightness brings out the colors in the stain glass. Just look how the green, pink, and red colors just pop!

Now on to the hack part of the post.  I love me some Rae Dunn, really who doesn’t. My sister and I have been collecting her items for almost a year now, but never seem to find any of the unicorn (canisters) items. You know the Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Tea, and the ever so hard to find Cookies canisters.  I have found many mugs, small bowls, dog canisters, but never the canisters I so want. A few weeks ago on one of my many Rae Dunn hunts I found her new canister set and I almost lost my mind. These are the Mix, Roll, and Eat canisters there not the ones I really wanted, but hey there canisters. Here is a pic of them on my kitchen counter.

I really wanted me some Coffee, Tea, and Sugar canisters and these are nice, but my crafty/DIY brain went to work. Of course with the use of my handy Cricut machine (this machine does everything) I made myself some Dunn inspired decals.  Guess what?  Yes, I now have my own Coffee, Tea, and Sugar canisters that I hacked myself.

I know they are not the “real ones,” but they work for me and I can turn them back to the other side to display the Mix, Roll, and Eat. Well friends thanks for stopping by the blog today and sharing my vintage stained glass window and hack projects with me.  Remember you can follow me on Instagram and pin ideas on Pinterest.  Have a “Great” weekend and see you again next week.




Teenager Bedroom Refresh

My daughter turned 14 this year (where did the time go) and is beginning High school in less than 2 weeks.  As much as her dad and me would love to keep her a little girl, she’s growing up. As a teenager, she wanted her bedroom ambiance refreshed to reflect a teenagers bedroom.  That meant a bigger bed and getting rid of the “little girl” decorations. Here is what her bedroom looked like before the teenager bedroom refresh.

After some searching online we finally found a bed that she liked and that fit her “style”.  It’s a queen sized bed and it takes up most of the space in her room, but she loves it… and that makes her dad and me happy.  It’s not easy pleasing a teen (if you have a teenager in your home you know what I mean). Here is what the room looks like now.


My daughter loves the color pink and anything Paris themed so she didn’t want to change the color of her room or the Paris decor, but we did get rid of all the little girl stuff (stuffed animals, toys, etc.). We moved the furniture around to give the room a better flow aesthetically and not to mention function.


The bed was purchased online from Wayfair it’s the Gabriel Upholstered Panel Bed in Gray. It was super easy to build, I would say that between my husband and I it took us less than an hour to build it.  Add the box-spring and mattress, some pretty bedding, and you have yourself a nice bed that is teen approved.

We hope this teenager bedroom will last her throughout her high school years, but again with teenagers you never know (We were just happy she wasn’t asking to paint the bedroom black and decorating it with skeletons!!). This was a quick and easy way to refresh a room without making major changes (which is also good on the wallet) but one that worked well for our daughter. So what do you think? Share your thoughts with me and any kids room refresh your working on. Well friends thanks for stopping by the blog today, as always I’m so happy you take the time to visit me here on this little blog of mine.








Falling for Autumn Decor

Hi friends.  Happy Friday! I can’t believe that we are in the month of August already. Summer break is soon over and the kids will be headed back to school soon. I was going to do a different post today, but the truth is back to school means that fall is almost here and many of you will be decorating for autumn soon.  A falling for autumn decor post seemed appropriate.  I was looking for inspiration for my own fall decorations so I decided to make a trip to several stores to get some ideas.  First lets begin with Halloween decor.  I found these Halloween wreaths at Michael’s that I thought were very creative.

I especially liked the skeleton one myself.  I have said many times here on the blog that as a crafter and DIYer, I can’t see myself paying those prices for something I could make myself.  Really it’s not that hard to make these wreaths yourself and many of these items you could find at the dollar store. 

Here are some more wreaths I found (Joann Fabrics) that you can use as inspiration for your autumn/fall decor.  When I was growing up, wreaths were only found for decorating for the Christmas holiday.  Now it seems they are being used to decorate for any holiday, or even just decorating around the house.  You may remember my prior post showing how I used a decorative wreath to decorate a mirror.  Well, the wonderful thing about a wreath is that it is a compact decoration that is only limited by your imagination.  I like to look around stores to get inspiration for making my own crafts.  

Here are some more decorations I found that show the endless options available for fall decor.  Many times these options will spark an inspiration for a craft or decoration.  The most important thing is not getting “stuck” when you are thinking about crafts or decorating.  Go out and look at what is in the stores.  Get inspired!  I hope this falling for autumn decor post helps to give you ideas on autumn wreaths/decorations for your home. I know I will be making one for my door soon. Thanks for visiting me on the blog and have a great weekend.