Can We Talk?

In the words of the late Joan Rivers “Can We Talk” is the topic today. There has been this buzz on social media lately about comparing ourselves to others and not being authentic. How bloggers and other social media personas post fake pictures to get followers and publicity. While that may be true or not, we need to be candid and transparent about this issue.  If you are one of my blog regulars you know that I am pretty honest about myself here.  If you follow me on Instagram you know my posts are my own. I like to be true to myself and my readers and followers alike. I may not have a large following, but that is OK because those of you that do follow me and read this little blog do it because you truly like it and for that I am very grateful. I may not post magazine worthy pictures of my home because my reality is my home may not be beautiful to others, but it’s beautiful to me.

We don’t all have the funds to go out and spend thousands of dollars making over our homes to please people on social media. Truth is the changes I have made to my home have been to make us happy and no one else.  I began this blogging journey to share my DIY projects, woodworking, sign making, and decorating ideas with others who have similar interest.  It comes from a place of my desire to help others that like to do DIY projects and improve their homes in an easy and frugal way.   I’m a person that likes to create and do things that make my home a happy place for my family and myself. OK now I’m just rambling on…. What I am trying to say is that we are all individuals with ambitions, goals and dreams. In life we will not make everyone happy, but again that is fine because life is about finding your happiness.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter about what others say or have that you don’t or about creating a facade to please others. Truth be told those who love you for you will be there no matter what. Let’s not loose ourselves in this crazy world of being compared to others or trying to live up to standards that are not our own. Be you and focus on what is important in your life, because you don’t owe anything to anyone (unless you do).

Finally, who needs all this negativity in the world? I say we rise above it and be the better person we know we can be and are.  I love this little blog and I have made some really nice friends on IG that support and encourage one another. The point is that there is always going to be people that will try to spread their negative agenda for others to buy into. After all, misery loves company and I rather be around people who want me to succeed than those who want to watch me fail. Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart for stopping by the blog today and have yourself a wonderful weekend. xoxo

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