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Do you all remember this lamp? I have posted it before and there is a story to this lovely lamp.  I had been searching a while for a lamp for this side table. This lamp had the glass and wood combination that I was looking for and I fell in love with it, but I didn’t buy it at first. Everytime I went to the store, I would said to myself “I’ll wait for it to go on clearance”. A month later it went on sale and I snatched it up. Here is the picture of the lamp on the side table:

And then this happened!!!

OH NO!! Yep, “oh no” alright, so let me tell you what happened. We were cleaning the house and I heard a loud “crash” and cursing.  Then I asked, “what happened?” I hear my daughter say “mom is going to kill you, she waited a long time for that lamp to go on sale” no joke her exact words. So after the lamp catastrophe  my hubs in a quick attempt to save his life said “you can make it into a blog post.” I was stunned by his words because 1. you just broke my lovely lamp 2. how am i going to turn this into a blog post  3. that’s a great idea.. And here is were the DIY Lamp Project is born. I love mason jars, and my sister had given me a huge one as a gift a few months before. Here’s a pic:

I always loved this huge mason jar, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and so I thought I can make it into a lamp. Here is how we made a DIY Ball Mason Jar Lamp. As you can see we took all the hardware from the broken lamp. First, my husband drilled a hole (I put tape on the jar where he would drill to make sure the glass wouldn’t crack) in the jar by using a glass drill bit .

He also drilled another hole on the lid of the jar to attach the top of the lamp. Next, he strung the electrical wire thru the hole and attached the hardware to the lid of the mason jar. Add a light bulb and we have light.

Now I have a lovely lamp again and it has all he features I love: a mason jar, glass, and wood. Here is how it looks on the side table.

I have to say I’m really loving my new mason jar DIY Lamp Project it looks pretty and it saved the hubby’s life. I also like that the lid is removable and I can always fill the jar with seasonal decorations. Maybe throw in some pumpkins for fall, lights, balls, or any seasonal type decor item. My head is already filled with ideas…..

So what do you think do you like the lamp? Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Well friends I hope you enjoyed today’s little DIY project and remember that not everything that breaks needs to be thrown away. Give it new life, re-purpose it and you may love it even more. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.








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