Holiday Craft Project Ideas

I’m back today with some really simple Holiday Craft Project Ideas.  If you didn’t know, Christmas trees have come a long way baby and flocked trees are all the rage. As you know, the mini Christmas tabletop trees can cost from $7.99 and up.  However, I come up with a cute and inexpensive way to flock a mini decorative tree. I went to the Dollar Tree and found this cute 12″ tree for $1. They are the perfect size for decorating tabletops and decided to create my own little flocked tree for under 5 bucks!  First, I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a mini tree.  Then I bought some snow-in-a can spray and sprayed the tree. I sprayed the the tree 2 times, letting the snow dry completely between sprays. Here’s how it turned out:

How cute is that flocked tree! I inserted it into a cute Santa tin and added a Santa hat that I also found at the Dollar Tree.  I think it came out pretty nice.  Here’s how it looks on my hutch. What do you think?

The next holiday craft project idea was jazzing up those cute little ceramic houses from the Target Dollar Spot section. I think everyone went crazy for those little houses and I made them look a little more Christmas(y) by adding glittered snow to them. I used mod podge, and clear glitter to spice them up just a bit.  As you can see they were just plain ceramic white in color.

I used a small brush to brush on the mod podge and then sprinkled on the glitter to any place on the houses and tree that would get snowfall (if it were snowing in real life).

Just look at the difference it makes with the glitter. Just add the tea lights inside and they glisten and look so pretty. Don’t you agree?

Now for the last holiday craft project idea. When I went to the Fancy Flea last month, there was a vendor that made the cutest snowmen from blocks of wood. I wish I would have gotten her name to give her credit in this post, because her idea was so cute. I really wanted to share it with you on the blog today. She painted the blocks white and then drew a face and put mini pom-poms as the buttons. All you do is stack them up to create your block snowman.

I used wood glue to glue the wooden blocks together and painters tape to hold them in place while they dry. I added the snowman to my tiered tray Christmas decor and just look how stinkin cute it is!   What an easy project you can do with the kiddos and they can create their own individualized block snowman.  I love this idea, it is one of my favorite holiday crafts.

I hope you enjoyed these Holiday Craft Project Ideas that you can do with your kiddos our just maybe yourself. They are all quick and easy that can be done without spending a lot of money and ,if you know me, I love saving money whenever I can. Well friends, thank you for stopping by the blog today, it really means a lot to me. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and you can also find me on Pinterest.