My Blogging Story


So, your probably wondering (or not) why I began this blog.  Well it’s a well-intentioned story that changed my life for the better.  One day after a hard and disappointing day at work I came home and said to myself “this isn’t what’s meant for me to do the rest of my life” you see I wasn’t happy and needed a change.  That day I was reading Liz Marie’s Blog (she is amazing) and linked into her wonderful husband Jose who wrote an article on his blog titled “What’s Next” it’s about how making necessary changes in life that will help you achieve happiness. Well that was so eye opening and came at a time in my life when I needed it most. I said to myself “what is next”, because I can’t do this teaching thing forever. Now I’m not putting teaching down in any way I love being a teacher and have been teaching for over 20 years, but it is not what it used to be.  If you are a teacher you understand what I mean.  The lack of respect, low pay, and hardships can really take the joy out of the profession. Enough about that, so I began to make a list of the things that bring me joy (because after all they say if you are happy with what you do you don’t call it work) and creating a home that makes my family happy was first on the list.

After a lot of soul searching and reading I kept coming across that nasty four letter word “fear” (you probably were thinking of another word, shame on you) and how it can stop us in our tracks.  We tend not to explore or do new things out of fear and believe me I know the struggle is real because I deal with it myself.  I began to write down things in my journal of how I wanted my life to be and the equivalent factor was always happiness. I knew a new kitchen would make me happy (just kidding it was already in the works) a farmhouse style kitchen was what I dreamed of having.  Then new ideas kept crawling into my head, like making new pallet wood furniture to match the farmhouse style I wanted in my home.  Also, making more woodwork and home décor ideas, I tell you the creative ideas kept pouring in and the inspiration all started with the kitchen. Needless to say, I’m all in on this farmhouse trip and fell in love with everything to do with farmhouse style.  Later the Magnolia Story was published and I devoured it, read the book in a week.  Wow! It was all inspiring and spoke to me on so many levels, but most important was the message through out the book, how to always follow your dreams and never give up.  Now if all these things are not signs from above to kick fear in the butt (how Sarah says) and get going on making my dreams come true I don’t know what is.

Here comes in the next awesome blogger that I follow Sarah of Little Vintage Nest.  Sarah wrote her blog story on how to stop allowing fear to take control of you and how blogging has changed her life.  Now I’m thinking Maritza stop being a chicken and like the words of a Nike commercial “Just Do It!” Here I am today giving it a try working hard towards making things happen and following my dreams.  On my blog I’m doing just that I plan on sharing my DIY projects, home décor ideas, woodworking and signs, and other things that will make your house a home. I have God, and fate to thank for making sure that all these signs were placed in front of me and making me strong enough to follow through on them. I have special people in my life that support me and those (mentioned here) that inspired me to never give up on my dreams and choose happy. I would one day love to meet these wonderful people who inspired me to make a change in my life.  I just hope that one day someone will read this and say “wow” if Maritza did it than so can I. Happy blogging my friends and always remember to follow your dreams and most important be someone that makes you happy.



P.S. my daughter told me to add this video for some motivation. LOL!


About Me

Hi my name is Maritza and I am city2farmhouse.  I’m a mom to an amazing daughter and the wife of a supportive and most patient man.  We have been together for 27 years (God bless this man he’s put up with me for so long) and married for 22 wonderful years.  I am an educator by day, but love DIY projects, rustic items, vintage charm, farmhouse style and making my house a happy home.  I started this journey following my dreams and doing what makes me happy. I am a great fan of woodworking and am currently trying to build a business making wood items for the home along with other home goods.  All the while gradually changing my city home into farmhouse style. I love watching HGTV and am a huge fan of Fixer Upper (who isn’t right?) where I get most of my farmhouse inspirations.  The concept came after many years of wanting to remodel my kitchen and the inspiration of farmhouse style (thank you Joanna Gaines).  The hubs and I tackled the project as DIYers and I can’t lie some help from family along the way. In the end I have to say we didn’t do such a bad job for amateurs and the kitchen is now one of my favorite rooms in the house.   Follow me on my journey from city to farmhouse style and everything that happens in-between as I work on making my dreams come true.

A wise person wrote:













I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s a quote I’m living by. Here is to making dreams come true and doing what makes you happy in life.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you keep coming back.