My Latest Christmas Haul

It’s the most wonderful time of the year “Christmas time that is” it is my favorite time of year and I’m so excited to share my latest Christmas haul with you my friends. I haven’t really began decorating for Christmas yet because I still have out my fall decor and don’t usually decorate until after Thanksgiving Day. While others have gotten an early start on decorating I did go out in search of Christmas decor. Here is what I found:

So let me begin with my HomeGoods finds. It’s getting really hard to find any Rae Dunn lately and finding Christmas Rae Dunn, well that is just close to impossible here. So when I saw these mug sets I practically ran over anyone in my way to get to them first. And as my excitement was at an all time high can you find what is wrong?? Yes, stupid me didn’t notice that the Mr. and Mrs. Clause mugs are two Mrs. and no Mr. UGHHH!!!  I was so furious with myself when I got home and noticed it. Hopefully I can find another set and return this one. Anyway don’t you love the santa gnomes??  I love gnomes I have them all over my yard and when I saw these (not to sound like the insurance commercial) I had to have them.

On to my next (craze) I mean find are the vintage trucks.  I am absolutely in love with anything vintage truck, no joke ask my family they think I’m nuts. It started last year and this year a full blown addiction. I got the these (above) truck tea towels, mug and Magenta oval at Marshall’s. Now the truck (below) is from Old Time Pottery and it’s my favorite. The truck is ceramic and lights up! How adorable is that and it was only $14.99.

I also went to Target of course to hit up their dollar spot, but decided to look at the Christmas section and found these trucks and campers. I totally fell in love, but I didn’t give into temptation. Yes, I know it was very, very hard, but I didn’t buy them. For now anyway….

On to the dollar spot where i found lots of goodies.  I got the ceramic houses and christmas tree, snowballs, plaid runner, tree cut-out, Christmas Tree sign, some string and decorative tapes, snowballs and buckets. Funny story with the buckets see I only wanted one, but they were so jammed together  I couldn’t separate them and neither could the cashier so I ended buying them both. No worries I am sure I will find good use for it.  Also, I have some crafting ideas I will be doing with some of these items so stay tuned for that.

I saw on Instagram that Walmart had many flocked Christmas items and so I headed there next.  I went to Walmart specifically looking for there small flocked tree with the burlap base for $12, but they didn’t have it in the store so I ordered it online. While there I picked up this gorgeous 24″ flocked wreath for only $9.97.  It’s a steal for that price so I recommend getting yourself one.

I also picked up a burlap bow for $7.98 a candy cane bow for $1.98 also this 4 Ft. garland for $7.98. I have seen similar garland for over $12 dollars in other stores so this one was another steal.  Go get yourself some of those as well before they’re all gone.

My last stop was Kirkland’s. Now I love Kirkland’s but unless you have a coupon they can be pricey, so I went with my 30% off coupon and got myself this elf pillow, and hat.  The elf legs are from Michael’s and I also used a coupon for those as well.  When my daughter was 2 years old we got her an Elf on the Shelf and she loves anything elves. I began to decorate with elves after Gumdrop our elf became part of the family. Now we have 2 elves and a reindeer that come back every year.

So there you go that was my latest Christmas haul from shopping most of my favorite stores and a few others.  What do you think?  What is your favorite holiday decor item this year?  Share with me your thoughts in the comments below. I will be back with an update on how I style and decorate my home for Christmas with these lovely items and much more, so stay tuned. In the meantime thank you for always visiting me her on my little blog.  I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.