Self Help and Getting My Sh*t Together

Well hello there friends! Aren’t you happy it’s finally Friday? Well I am!!!  I tell you time seems to be flying by (it’s almost mid February), but lately I have been feeling out of wack.  You know when you have those days (or in my case weeks) that you feel like a “Hot Mess” well friends that has been me lately and I need to get myself together. In my search for a self help book that could help me get my sh*t together I found just that book “get your SH*T together” and so far I’m liking it.

This book is written by Sarah Knight. She is  funny, witty and has a no holds bar kind of way of letting you know how to get your shit together and be able to prioritize things and accomplish them so that you can really focus on the important things in life.  She gives you key advice, tips and helps you manage day to day tasks without driving yourself (or anyone around you) nuts.  Warning: she does use curse words in her books, so if you are not OK with that I suggest you find a cleaner version. As I have said before here on the blog, I don’t mind curse words (in fact, I have a big potty mouth!).  Therefore, the cursing in the book is OK by me.


Now, back to me and why I felt the need to buy this book.  Well I have had a lot of  “I can’t even” moments lately and needed something to help me get through this crap phase I am going through right now.  I feel overwhelmed with all the things I need to do; from my daily job to trying to build a small business and everything in between that happens in our daily life.  It’s like where did the time go when I have 100 things to do and no time to do them! I thought I would give this book a read and try to use it to help me out of this rut. So as I am reading this book (no I haven’t finished it because that is something else added to my crazy life right now) I will try to incorporate the strategies to help me get my sh*t together.  Well one can always hope.

So if you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place or just need to get your crap together, this may be a good read for you as well. I will get back to you on how it works for me, but I may need some time to put what I learn into practice.  Thank you for stopping by the blog today and listen to me go on about how I am nuts, but if you read this blog on the regular (thanks to those of you that do) you probably already knew that. 😉



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