Valentines Day Decor

This weekend I went to my favorite stores you know Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and so on. Valentines Day Decor is in full swing not to mention St. Patrick’s decor and I even saw Easter stuff out as well.  It seems like the holidays are all jumbled up together.  You haven’t finished celebrating one holiday and the other is being crammed down your throat. So here I am today shoving some Valentines Day Decor down your throats. I usually don’t decorate for any of these holidays, well not since my daughter became a teenager and started only caring about the candy. So on my shopping escapade I decided to only grab a few items to decorate my tier tray as well as a doormat for my front door. Kirklands was my first stop and I have to say I fell in love with their stuff, but I went in with the mindset of getting a doormat and a small sign for my tray. I thought I would share with my peeps what I saw:

Let me begin with the doormats, which was one of the main reason I went to Kirklands anyway.  They had these doormats and while I found the top one (Please Hide packages From Husband) hilarious. The truth is, in my home it should say “Please Hide Packages from Wife” because the hubs orders more from Amazon than I do. Hahaha, no for realz. Maybe I should pitch that idea to them;) Anyway, I did buy the this one (below). It was so adorable and I couldn’t pass up the Valentine’s themed mat.

Then there were these pillows! I loved these pillows, but as I have shared before here on the blog that as much as I love pillows, my husband hates them. No …correction; he detests them, but is tolerant of my decor choices and appeases me with some throw pillows on the sofa. I have been forewarned that I might have to sleep on the sofa if I bring one more throw pillow into this home.

And the worst part about this pillow controversy is that they are so darn cute (why do they have to be so stinkin’ adorable!) Therefore, I didn’t buy any because my back and sanity are happier with a good night’s sleep. Also, just look at these heart wreaths, aren’t they the most darling things ever.  I just love the pom-poms!  Don’t you?!


I did manage to accomplish my goal of finding a doormat and a small heart that says “Be Mine” for my tier tray. Here is how my tiered tray looks all decorated for Valentines Day. How do you like it?


If you’re wondering where I got some of the stuff on the tray I will tell you. The Kisses “25 cent” sign is from Michaels, the little heart garland (believe it or not) is a Christmas ornament from Kmart, the mugs are of course Rae Dunn, the heart stir sticks are from the Dollar Tree, the kitchen towel is from Target dollar spot, and the crystal heart with the Hersey’s kisses inside is something I’ve had for many years now.

I hope you enjoyed this Valentines Day Decor and keeping with the Valentines theme please watch out for Fridays Blog Post.  I have teamed up with some amazing blogger friends to bring you a Valentines gift guide from our favorite small shops. Make sure you come back and visit me on Friday.  Well friends thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come and visit me here on this little blog of mine. See ya Friday Friends!  xoxo

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  1. I really love the idea of having one area/object in your house that you decorate for each holiday. I always want to decorate, but don’t really want to put a full décor together. <3 the Heart Shack Pillows. I'll have to find a similar space at my place.

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