Weekend at the Fancy Flea Market

It was a sunny, cool day at the Fancy Flea Market and my sister and I had a great time.  This was my second time at the Fancy Flea, and the vintage finds and the farmhouse finds did not disappoint. In my last post [here] I mentioned that I had a wish list of items that I had my heart set on finding.  Good news!  I found all of them but one.  At the top of that wish list was a hutch for my Rae Dunn collection.  I am very happy to share that I found the “perfect one”, but I couldn’t bring it home with me because it didn’t fit in my car. As for now it sits in my sister’s garage waiting for me.  Whenever I get it home, I will share It in a later post along with all the other things I bought. Well as for now, let me share just a few of the amazing finds from that day.

One of the booths I visited was the Vintage Living Market Place and it had the most beautiful items. There were vintage and farmhouse products that just blew me away!  Just look at those mantels.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Friends, I really want a mantel for my bedroom, but that was not on my list for this trip; so maybe next year.  Or maybe I could I make one myself? Hmmm.

The mantels were not the only thing that caught my eye, Christmas was in the air and they had so many other spectacular things that I could easily spend to much time and money on. I’m telling you, I was there all day and I couldn’t get enough. Tons of white furniture and wood work that looks like high quality workmanship. Look at that rustic wood bench with the metal daybed back. The wood and metal are such a great combination.  They work well together and look great.

I love old doors and I would love to have them in my home, but I just don’t have the space. Maybe someday in the future when I move into my dream home. You never know!



Lastly, I saw these rustic wood coffee tables with the wheels on the bottom.  They are made of pallet wood (my favorite) and I like the different color variations. These tables are a work of art and look beautiful in any farmhouse style home.

It was a wonderful, amazing, and fun filled day at the Fancy Flea Market and I’m so glad I went again. All the great vendors and breathtaking items made it very hard not to want to keep going back, and I can’t wait until next year to go back again. Well friends thank you so much for supporting me here on this little blog where I am able to share these great experiences with you. Don’t forget to keep coming back to see my hutch all decked out in my dining-room along with some other surprises I have in the works.



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